New releases of additional modules

The nCall API Server, the nCall Transfer Monitor and DataManagement modules have recently been updated to v4.x.  All are now built using a more advanced compiler giving assurances of longevity and access to up to date MS-Windows features.

nCall API Server:

  • Rebuilt using modern compiler
  • Add many more documentation examples
  • Add v10 interface, which gives better JSON formatting of output from SCRIPTS.
  • Removed XML support and fixes for date filtering
  • Minor fixes 

nCall Transfer Monitor:

  • Rebuilt using modern compiler
  • Further support for 3CX PBX including PBX being in different timezones
  • Fixes for caller company handling in auto diverts


  • Rebuilt using modern compiler
  • Improved default message actions during import

All nCall users with appropriate licences and active support can contact us for the latest versions.