nCall API Server

nCall REST API Server

The nCall API Server allows you to integrate nCall with third-party systems as it supports push-in and pull-out information from the nCall database without using nCall directly.

For example, you could use the nCall API Server to:

  • Allow new sign-ups on your website to automatically be configured into the nCall database.
  • Allow real time monitoring of call analytics (e.g. how many calls have been answered today).
  • Obtaining KPI data from nCall (e.g. total call duration per client this month)
  • Allowing a customer to manage their own details, contacts and view their messages and missed calls.

Example scripts (PHP, VisualBasic and JavaScript) can be provided, but it is recommended you consult your IT person to design bespoke scripts to enhance your use of nCall.

For more information on how to use the nCall API server, please refer to our blog post ‘What is the nCall REST API Server module for?

Please contact us for further information and/or a price quote.

nCall API Server Diagram

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