nCall Transfer Monitor

nCall Transfer Monitor

The nCall Transfer Monitor allows answering services using the Avaya IP Office, Mitel, FreePBX, 3CXor a Splicecom PBX to monitor the length of calls that have been transferred to a client.

The nCall Transfer Monitor reads the SMDR information produced by the phone system and updates the nCall database with the duration of any patched or transferred calls – supervised or blind. Automatically diverted calls are also detected and monitored.  The SMDR data is ether obtained by the tool listening to a detected SMDR TCP port or via processing a CSV file manually obtained from the PBX.

Once the nCall database is updated with this patch call time, the TAS business can bill per minute for caller – contact talk time, enhancing the business profitability options.

The tool also produces various CSV files, giving full access to the SMDR data generated by for further
analysis.  CSV files include Transfers Found/Committed/Failed, Automatic Diverts Found/Committed/Failed and Outbound Calls Found/Committed/Failed.

User testimonial:

“As we consider ourselves to be Call Handlers rather than a Message Taking Service we have a number of added extras to create a Premium Service for our clients. When transferring their VIP callers to them we know that the calls can be lengthy, the nCall Transfer Monitor Module allows us to bill for the transferred call. With several clients where we act as truly Virtual Receptionists and we transfer nearly all calls direct to the desks of 20-30 people, we know the transferred call can tie up our lines for anything from a few minutes to an hour at a time. With the Transfer Monitor Module we can track this and charge our clients for length of call.

We knew that switching to nCall would make transferring calls a simple one button process, so much easier than our previous system, and the Transfer Monitor Module means we can track all the billing elements in the one system.”

Jacqui Frost, The Office Genie

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