Using nCall’s ‘Reports’ feature

Using nCall’s scripted ‘Reports’ feature, you can start to analyse the effectiveness of your answering service, and measure the performance of your operators.

nSolve have made available several sample reports, completely free of charge, for you to download and import into nCall.

To import a reporting script, please download one from our list of available reports (you will need your nCall Support login credentials) and then go to:

View > Admin Options > Miscellaneous > Report Scripts

Then click the ‘new item’ icon on the right hand side of the window, select your downloaded report script, and click ‘OK’.

Importing Report Scripts

You then need only go to:

View > Reports

And select a report from the drop down menu.

When you have a feel for how nCall’s Reports feature works, you can start to define what information you require to measure the performance of your business and your staff. The nSolve Team are keen to hear your requests so that we can write new report scripts to aid you and possibly other users of nCall.

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