nCall - answering service software

nCall is the definitive software solution for telephone answering services and virtual receptions.

nCall is the most advanced dedicated telephone answering service software solution available, and has been used all over the world for the past 15 years. All the information your operators need to answer a call professionally is available immediately through clever client ‘popping’.

nCall will improve user efficiency and increase business profitability, with operators able to answer more calls and take more messages in less time, and with fewer mistakes too!

With powerful messaging tools, and deep billing scheme customisation, nCall offers the complete answering service software package.


Key features:

  • Easy to use operator interface or ‘dashboard’
  • New operators can be taking calls professionally in just 15 minutes
  • Advanced and highly customizable message-taking tools
  • Custom form designer for specific client needs
  • Automatic logging of calls for client billing reports
  • Support for any number of different billing schemes and charges
  • Treat each client differently with unique settings for each contact
  • Compatible with the majority of telephone systems and VoIP solutions
  • Fully scalable – add new operators with ease
  • Optional built-in softphone, Buzz
  • Dedicated customer support
  • A bunch of additional modules to support your business as it grows
  • Tried and tested – nCall has been widely used and enhanced for over 15 years


There is much more to nCall – we highly recommend you get in touch for a full demonstration, or read the full feature list. There is also a comprehensive screenshot slideshow below!

Our most recent 2018 customer survey demonstrated nCall’s exceptional value for money – find out more here.

nCall Provides A Clean, Easy-to-use Interface

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  • Call pop

Technical details

nCall Server & Database

nCall is a client-server program that consolidates the various components that make up an answering service and delivers them in a single easy-to-use application that connects to a core server. The nCall Server can be installed on a user’s PC, a dedicated Windows server, or hosted in a virtual environment.

Using TAPI telephone system integration, nCall ‘pops’ the correct client information on screen by identifying the number the caller dialled. This allows operators to answer the call immediately, and with absolute professionalism.

At the core of nCall is a powerful database able to store millions of calls, and thousands of client records, providing telephone answering services the confidence to grow without reaching any system limits.

New releases

nCall has been iterated on for over 15 years, with customer feedback being our primary focus. We welcome suggestions and requests from any customer – big or small – and do our best to accommodate everyone without compromising the core product.

We’re also continuously looking ahead at advancements in telephony technology to make sure we’re providing the best possible product to answering services worldwide.



nCall communicates with your phone system via TAPI or, if deploying a hosted VoIP PBX, via your IP handsets.

Whilst we don’t recommend any particular telephone systems or handsets to our customers, we’re happy to let you know what nCall is currently compatible with. Please get in contact with the nSolve team if you’d like to speak to us about phone system integration.


VoIP handsets currently supported:

  • Snom
  • Yealink

SMS providers currently supported:

  • 24x
  • 2SMS
  • ClickaTell
  • AMD Telecom
  • Dynmark
  • GFI Faxmaker Service
  • Plivo
  • PrompText
  • SMS Eagle
  • Text Magic
  • Twilio
  • Most other email-to-SMS providers

HIPAA compliant messaging integration:

  • TigerText
  • Pingmd
  • MDChat


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