Why nCall?

nCall is a mature feature-rich software package, developed over the past 15 years by experienced software engineers. nCall is a product you can trust.

Who is nCall for?

nCall is for new and existing telephone answering services, virtual receptions & PAs, inbound call-centres or any other business looking for advanced inbound call handling software.

What is the SMV package?

SMV is our Support, Maintenance and New Versions package. It’s an optional subscription service to ensure you’re always running the latest version of nCall and have technical support from the nSolve team whenever you need it. You get the first 12 months of SMV for free with your first licence purchase.

What is telephone answering service software?

Telephone answering service software integrates with your telephone system so that client information ‘pops’ on screen, based on the number the caller dialled. The call is then completely dealt with within the software program. Software such as nCall also consolidates many other services into a single application such as message taking, order taking, billing reports and CRM.

What else does nCall do apart from answer and transfer calls?

Lots more… get in touch to watch our extensive demonstration video to learn about the many features of nCall. Short on time, click here to see nCall’s list of features.

We use VoIP – is that okay?

Of course! nCall currently supports Snom and Yealink VoIP handsets, or you can use it’s own built-in softphone, called Buzz.

Some of my operators work remotely – can they still use nCall?

Yes! By using a VPN, remote operators can connect to your nCall server from anywhere with a steady internet connection.

nCall looks great, but if I make the change how long will it take to train my staff?

When nCall is installed and set up, your operators can be up and running in under 15 minutes!

Is nCall suitable for start-up answering services or virtual receptions?

nCall is perfect for a start-up answering service or virtual reception. We also have a handy guide for start-up answering services available free of charge.

Is nCall a web-browser app, or based in the cloud?

Neither – nCall is installed on your Windows-based PC or laptop, meaning you’re not beholden to internet speeds or web-browser issues. Because nCall is installed locally it runs super quick, too!

If nCall is installed locally, do I need a powerful computer to run it?

No, the system requirements are actually very low. You can see the required specs here.

I’m not sure if nCall will work with my current setup?

nCall is compatible with most telephone systems (traditional and hosted) but if in doubt, get in touch and let us know what systems you’re currently using, and we’ll let you know if it will work.

I want to go ahead with nCall for my answering service, but I’m worried about the transfer and setup?

Our dedicated support team will be happy to help you get up and running, handling the installation and setup remotely for a small fee. We have a variety of optional services (e.g. Data Import) that will help you transition to nCall. Get in touch for further information.

How much is nCall

nCall licences can be purchased or rented, with prices decreasing as you add more operators. We do our utmost to keep costs to a minimum but we welcome you to get in touch for further information.

Does nCall support message taking?

nCall uses a very advanced message action tool that allows each individual contact associated with your clients a set of unique message actions in case the contact is busy or unavailable. nCall can send emails, SMS, and pager & fax messages to suit your clients’ needs.

Can I backup the nCall database?

You host all of your own data on your designated nCall server, and nCall will back up this data automatically as often as you like, at a time that you decide.