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Monitoring the productivity of your answering service

No answering service can predict when the phone will ring, but you can put measures in place to ensure you get maximum productivity out of your team and business. By using call statistics you can monitor your answering service’s (and operators’) performance.

Furthermore, nSolve’s freely available reporting scripts allow you to track your staff’s time spent on the phone, their log in/off times, how many calls they handle per hour/day and how long it takes them to answer the phone. You can also use reports to identify your most profitable clients and the busiest call periods.

Monitoring these metrics will allow you to piece together useful conclusions, such as when you need to have the maximum (or minimum) number of live agents available. You might also spot receptionists that are under-performing at certain times of day, or a client that is on the wrong package based on unused calls/minutes. Or perhaps a new operator is spending too long on each call, when compared to their colleagues.

Data is every owner/manager’s best friend for making informed decisions. Here are a few suggestions as to how you might use call data:

  • Carrying out performance reviews

By setting key performance indicators for your operators, you can use call data to track how well your staff are performing.

  • Spotting high-performers

Using call data averages, you can spot who is out-performing their peers and commend them accordingly.

  • Identifying training gaps

If certain agents are spending too much time on each message, or taking too long on a regular task, you might need to provide some additional support.

  • Rota scheduling

Identify your busiest and slowest periods and schedule your receptionists to ensure no call goes unanswered (and no agent sits twiddling their thumbs!)

  • Analysing client profitability

Spot which clients produce the most calls for the least amount of call time, or have the most predictable call patterns.

  • Budget forecasting

Use historical data to inform how your business will fare in the upcoming month/year. Or if you have signed on a new client, use averages to predict how much additional business you’ll receive.

  • And much more…


Don’t turn a blind eye to statistics and analytics – they might just make a meaningful difference to your bottom line!

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