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Sending confirmation messages to callers

You might want to (or already do) offer a service to your clients that requires a confirmation message (e.g. email/SMS) be sent to the caller. Now you can do it with ease!

nCall allows you to do this via the ‘Copies to’ box in a Message Action. Using a macro, you can have any message action delivered to an email/telephone number collected during the call.

Using macros in Message Actions

For example, you may collect the caller’s email address during a call and enter into a custom form with a field name of [Caller_Email]. You then use this macro within the ‘Copies to’ box. And if you do not wish the confirmation message to go to your client/contact, then you can tick the ‘Don’t send to contact’ box underneath.

The only other consideration that must be made is whether you want the message to come from your answering service, or if it needs to be from your client. nCall supports white labelling your services by creating a custom Message Centre setting and entering in your client’s messaging information, in order to send on their behalf.

You can do this by going to:

View > Admin Options > Message Centre

Sending messages to callers can be useful in many different situations. For example you may wish to send:

  • Order confirmations
  • Driver dispatch information
  • Appointment details
  • Room booking information
  • Reservation details