Integrating Tawk.To with nCall Online

nCall Online has been further developed to easily integrate with live-chat application Tawk.To.

Tawk.To is one of the most proliferated chat applications on the net, with over 2.2 million teams and individuals interacting with over 1.6 billion visitors every month. It’s also completely free! (there are purchasable add-ons available that are non-essential)

The nSolve development team have baked in the Tawk.To code into the HTML of nCall Online. This means you can implement live-chat on the web portal in a matter of minutes, so long as you have already registered a Tawk.To account.

Providing a live-chat service to your clients can increase your team’s efficiency, and improve user-satisfaction. Within seconds, a user can contact one of your agents with a question or request, without having to pick up the phone or send an email. This results in less non-profit making calls to your answering service, too.

You can also gather useful client insights by using the Tawk.To application to monitor users as they navigate the nCall Online portal

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of how Tawk.To works with nCall Online:


For more information about nCall’s web portal module, click here.