Audit History

How monitoring your History can improve your future

nCall‘s latest major feature release is called History. nCall’s History feature enables you to monitor changes in nCall as they happen, and allows you to view a log of edits for any specific contact or client.

History is useful when going back to check when or who made an incorrect edit, but how can it measurably improve your day-to-day operations?

nCall History feature

Increase operator accountability

Have you ever struggled with “he said/she said” dramatics in the office? With a tool to go back and check who exactly made the change and when, your operators will be more likely to get things correct the first time and own up to mistakes when they do happen.

Spot checks

Have a senior operator or supervisor monitor the History log and check one in every 10, 20 or 100 changes for accuracy and correct formatting. This will increase the quality of work done by your operators.

Track errors, and reward the best performers

By monitoring History, you will get a sense for which operators are the most accurate and focused when handling client requests and changes.

Combining this info with other operator analytics (calls answered per hour, average time to answer etc.) will give you a clear picture of your top performers, and worst offenders.

Improve client relations

Do you ever have to defend yourself to a difficult client because they claim to have requested something that wasn’t actioned?

Now you can quickly and efficiently go back to the original call from your client and check if any edits were made to their notes, message/call actions or contact details.

Hopefully your business can benefit from making use of nCall’s new History feature. Let us know what you think, or use the nCall User Group to discuss best practices.

Not using the latest version of nCall? Get in touch with the nSolve Support team for upgrade instructions.