Maximizing Efficiency with End-of-Day Summaries in nCall


In the bustling world of telephone answering services (TAS) and virtual receptions, the ability to wrap up each day with a concise, comprehensive summary of activities is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. nCall answering service software offers many ways of giving your clients this essential overview of what you have done for them.

The Importance of End-of-Day Summaries

End-of-day summaries serve as a vital tool for your clients. These summaries offer a clear snapshot of the day’s communications, ensuring they’re kept in the loop with minimal effort. They highlight the calls answered, messages taken, and any specific actions that were required or completed, providing a transparent, accountable record of the service provided.  They also cement in your client’s mind the benefit you are bringing them and additionally can also re-enforce your branding to the client.

Creating End-of-Day Summaries with nCall

nCall, with its intuitive design and robust functionality, simplifies the process of creating end-of-day summaries. Here’s how to utilize its features for this purpose:

Step 1: Collecting the Data

nCall’s comprehensive call logging feature automatically records every call handled during the day, including caller details, the nature of the inquiry, and the outcome. This ensures that all the necessary information is readily available when it’s time to compile the summary.

Step 2: Customizing the Summary Format

One of nCall’s strengths is its flexibility, allowing users to customize how summaries are generated. Through the administrative configuration options, you can define what information is included in the summaries and how it’s presented. Whether your clients prefer concise bullet points or detailed accounts, nCall can accommodate their needs.

Step 3: Automating Summary Delivery

With nCall, there’s no need to manually compile and send out summaries to each client. The software supports automated message delivery means, including email and SMS, ensuring that summaries are dispatched promptly at the end of each day. You can set up automatic delivery schedules within nCall, specifying which clients receive summaries, in what format, and at what time.

HTML email summaries can be easily created:

In the above, custom form data is output in a simple entity=value format.  While this is a useful quick way to view the data it is difficult to do anything with the data, however if the End of Day summary is sent as an attached CSV file each element of the custom form can have its own column, even multiple different custom forms can be accommodated in one spreadsheet attachment:

Another spreadsheet option is updating directly to Google Sheets, as the calls come in.  Your client then has a ‘live summary’ and can easily add more columns to do their own call handling actions:

nCall also offers RTF and PDF end of day summaries, as well as inline plain text emails.

Step 4: Leveraging nCall Online

For clients who prefer a more interactive approach, nCall Online offers a portal where they can access their call summaries (and much more) at their convenience. This not only provides clients with instant access to their information but also reduces the administrative load on your team.  Security is paramount, especially when handling sensitive client information. Using nCallOnline ensures all data, including end-of-day summaries, is only viewable via secure means. This gives both you and your clients peace of mind regarding the privacy and security of the information shared.


End-of-day summaries are an essential component of a high-quality telephone answering service. By leveraging nCall’s advanced features, service providers can streamline the creation and delivery of these summaries, enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency. nCall not only simplifies this process but also offers customization and automation options that cater to the diverse needs of TAS providers and their clients. Embrace nCall, and transform the way you conclude each business day

Paul Read

nSolve Ltd Partner, lead developer of nCall answering service software modules, also support and sales roles. 30+ years of software development experience mainly C++ but also PHP, js, html, css. Industries include Formula 1, mobile phones, labelling, military research. MEng in Neural Networks, 1st class BSc in Electronics.