nCall v4.3 Released

We are thrilled to announce the release of nCall v4.3, with improved Window 10/11 compatibility. This update also includes:

Visual Enhancement: We’ve minimized application flicker for smoother interactions.
Billing Efficiency: Speedier billing calculations.
Extended Message Capability: Users can now input longer common message texts, enhancing communication.
Accessibility Enhancements: For our partially sighted users, we’ve incorporated call status colours, moving beyond the basic white on black display.

We’re committed to continuous improvement and the next nCall release will be an exciting version with a enhanced user interface.

Paul Read

nSolve Ltd Partner, lead developer of nCall answering service software modules, also support and sales roles. 30+ years of software development experience mainly C++ but also PHP, js, html, css. Industries include Formula 1, mobile phones, labelling, military research. MEng in Neural Networks, 1st class BSc in Electronics.