Why is nCall suitable for small and medium size answering services?

nCall is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized answering services because:

Scalability: nCall is designed to efficiently handle the dynamic requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. It can smoothly scale from a single operator to over 100, making it a viable option to grow with.

Ease of Use: The operator interface, or dashboard, of nCall is user-friendly and intuitive. This ease of use means that new operators can be trained quickly, often in as little as 15 minutes, to handle calls professionally. This is particularly advantageous for smaller businesses where resources for extensive training might be limited.

Integration with Various Phone Systems: nCall is compatible with a wide range of telephone systems and VoIP providers. This compatibility ensures that small and medium-sized businesses can integrate nCall into their existing infrastructure without needing significant overhauls.

Cost-Effectiveness: For businesses mindful of budget constraints, nCall offers a comprehensive solution without the need for substantial upfront investments. The software is available for outright purchase or rental, providing flexibility in financial planning.

Remote Operator Support: nCall supports local and remote operators, which is beneficial for businesses adopting flexible working arrangements or looking to expand their workforce beyond their immediate geographical location.

Customization Options: The software allows bespoke settings for each client, which means that small and medium businesses can tailor their services precisely to client needs. This level of personalization can give smaller answering services a competitive edge.

Powerful Message Taking and Delivery Features: nCall’s advanced message-taking tools and multiple message delivery means (like email, SMS, fax, secure online messages) ensure efficient and professional communication, which is crucial for maintaining high service standards.

Data Analysis and Reporting: nCall provides powerful reporting and statistical analysis features, enabling businesses to monitor call stats, analyze operator efficiency, and generate billing reports, which are essential for managing operations effectively.

Optional modules: As the business grows, the feature set of nCall can be enhanced by offer the nCall Online portal to your clients, using the nCall REST API Server to extend the functionality of the product in directions nSolve never dream, deploying the nSolve Postcode server to reduce typing time and mistakes or using the nCall Transfer Module to bill on a per patch call time basis instead of per call handled.

Comprehensive Support and Training: nCall comes with full setup assistance and training, ensuring businesses can utilize the software to its full potential from the start.

Regular Updates and Support: The nCall team offers excellent customer support and regular software updates, ensuring that the software remains current with evolving technology and industry needs.

nCall’s scalability, ease of use, compatibility with various systems, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive feature set make it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized answering services looking for a professional and efficient call handling solution.  Contact us today to book a 45 minute live demo.

Paul Read

nSolve Ltd Partner, lead developer of nCall answering service software modules, also support and sales roles. 30+ years of software development experience mainly C++ but also PHP, js, html, css. Industries include Formula 1, mobile phones, labelling, military research. MEng in Neural Networks, 1st class BSc in Electronics. https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulanthonyread/