Dashboard of Active Users

The active user dashboard shows in real time the status of the active users and their call queues.

Arthur is on a call
Bob is on DND with no active calls
Charlotte is on a call with another call on hold
Dennis is ringing out-bound
Edward is back office staff with no active phone connection
Fred has a call on hold with another call ringing in
Georgie is on DND, whilst also on a call

This dashboard is updated within a second or two of the call status changing. Giving you, the TAS manager, a clear indication of who is doing what at any moment. It is a flexible web page that could be displayed on a large ‘wallboard’ monitor, your desktop or on your mobile.

This feature is included in the core nCall system solution via the nCall Hub.

Paul Read

nSolve Ltd Partner, lead developer of nCall answering service software modules, also support and sales roles. 30+ years of software development experience mainly C++ but also PHP, js, html, css. Industries include Formula 1, mobile phones, labelling, military research. MEng in Neural Networks, 1st class BSc in Electronics. https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulanthonyread/