nCall Online web portal

nCall Online web portal

nCall Online allows your contacts to access their call history and messages via an easy to use web portal. Each contact will have their own login credentials and will be able to view their complete call history, or simply filter down to the latest calls.

When a user is logged in to nCall Online, they may also update their availability (e.g. I’m at a lunch meeting) based on various pre-set statuses. Temporary call actions within nCall can be set to immediately and automatically activate when a contact updates their status using nCall Online.

The web portal can be branded for your answering service and linked to from your website to provide a seamless user journey for your clients.

Full nCall Online feature list:


  • Simple and intuitive interface – so minimal support effort for you
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly – use it anywhere
  • Contact and Client level access, client access allows management of contacts, viewing of accounts and optional reports – helping clients to serve themselves reducing demands on your backoffice/admin staff
  • New/unread messages are highlighted to quickly alert your contacts to their new calls – quickly see what’s new
  • Message display format fully customisable (for messages taken via custom forms) – optimize each message type to give a professional stylish look
  • Optional built-in online chat – allowing your customers to contact you directly (via


  • Fully brandable for your business – to help cement your company in your customers’ minds
  • Branding via industry standard HTML and CSS techniques
  • Brandable colours, styles, fonts etc
  • Brandable front/login page main image
  • Brandable ‘welcome’ message (e.g. ‘Welcome to Best Jude’s Answering’)
  • Brandable top left image displayed on every page
  • Brandable message types – your company style can be applied to each message


  • Clients can check calls and messages securely online via HTTPS – helping to meet GDPR and HiPAA demands
  • Via email notification contacts can receive notification of new messages – your contacts are kept up to date
  • The email notification can contain a direct link to open the messages securely within your web portal – with no secure message content exposed over insecure email/sms
  • From within nCall, operators can check if a message has been read via nCall Online interface – allowing you to confirm safe delivery
  • Highly detailed search and filtering tools to find specific calls or messages – allowing your clients to serve themselves and so saving you admin time

Access & Security

  • Individual login credentials for each enabled contact – allowing you to easily manage who has access
  • Client login credentials allowed – allowing one person at a client to manage all contacts and see account and additional reports
  • HTTPS-capable with an SSL licence* – giving your contacts confidence important messages remain private
  • Auto-logout for idle users – for additional security
  • Easily assigned to a sub-domain of your website – for ease of access and further re-enforcement of your branding
  • Create a smart device shortcut directly to the web portal login page
  • Usernames/passwords can be auto-generated and managed from within nCall


  • Contacts can change their call handling preferences by updating their Status (e.g. ‘Out to lunch’, ‘In a meeting’, ‘On holiday’ etc.) – reducing admin time for you
  • Contacts can view and change their contact information – reducing your admin time
  • Changes made by contacts can trigger an optional nCall reminder pop-up – keeping you abreast of changes


  • Admin/General contact login can check their account status (billing info for the current time period)
  • Admin/General contact can run call volume reports for a user-specified time period
  • Additional client reports can be developed on request specific for that client or a group of clients
  • Admin/General contact login can manage all their team’s contacts, setting status’s updating details etc


  • Comprehensive support documentation with-in nCall Help system
  • nCall monitors nCall Online (red blobs in task bar reporting failures and dedicated tab in System Information dialog)
  • Many features of nCall Online can be enabled/disabled – allowing you to expose only features you want your clients/contacts to use


  • Simple licencing model (pricing NOT based on number of users)

*To ensure security of your system and your clients data, nCall Online supports HTTPS. For HTTPS, you’ll require a SSL certificate for the public IP of the server that nCall Online will be hosted on. (This SSL certificate and its private key needs to be in .pem format.)

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