Buzz Softphone

Buzz Softphone

Buzz is nCall’s built-in VoIP softphone.  It eliminates the need for physical desk handsets for operators and instead requires only a headset to plug directly into your PC or laptop.  Your operators will have the same familiar call handling giving a seamless user experience when operating nCall with Buzz.  It is compatible with most SIP providers in the world and any phone system with VoIP support.  Subject to your telecoms solution Buzz can be used both by office and remote operators.

As well as the full call handling features, Buzz has support for DND, PBX short codes and two way call recordings.

Should nCall fail for any reason, e.g. the remote operator losing connectivity to the server, we also supply a Buzz stand-alone exe allowing your operators to take calls without nCall running.

Buzz licences are available for purchase or rental.

Get in touch with the nSolve team for more information and/or pricing.

Phone Answering Service Software with built-in VoIP softphone - picture of headset

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