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Software for Telephone Answering Services

nSolve is a UK based developer and supplier of software solutions to Answering Services and Virtual Receptions across the world

Founded in 1998, nSolve developed and/or supported various software products including government rail safety on the "black box" projects.

In 2003, nSolve created the nCall Telephone Answering Service software solution and now has many customers using this software suite in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

David Perkins David is the Technical Director and founder of nSolve. David has an impressive technical background including devising and delivering sophisticated IT solutions to the motor racing industry.
Paul Read Paul has been associated with nSolve since 2007, becoming a partner in early 2010 as well as being Senior Software Engineer. Paul has over 20 years experience of developing feature rich client applications.
Leo Fazzi Leo joined nSolve in 2011 as Senior Support Engineer. Leo has over 15 years of experience in IT Support and has contributed to the enhancement of nCall since 2008.
Sean Wright Sean is our newest recruit and heads up our Sales and Marketing