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nCall Licence Pricing - nCall is very affordable, with no hidden charges, making it an attractive option for both those starting a new answering service or with an established business. Prices are based on the number of 'seats'. The number of seats you need should be based on the maximum number of operators you would want to use nCall at one time. You have the option of renting the software or purchasing the software outright:

Rental - For implementations of 5 or more operators, there is the option to rent nCall. Some of our customers find this rental option is more financially manageable. As with the purchase price, the rental price per operative seat depends how many operators you have in total.

Outright purchase - Once purchased these licences are perpetual, ie. you own them and can continue to use them forever. To help you get up and running, all new customers will receive 12 months subscription to our Support, Maintenance and New Versions (SMV) Package without charge. After this initial 12 months you can optionally renew your Annual SMV Subscription. Should you choose not to renew, you will be able to continue to use nCall unsupported for no extra charge. Renewal is priced at 15% of the combined price of all the nCall licenses in your possession on this anniversary date, based on the then current nCall list price.Talk to us about our Flexible payment options.

Telephone System Compatibility - nCall can link to the majority of modern telephone systems. Client records automatically pop based on the DID/DDI number. Traditionally, nCall customers have used an office based telephone system connected to a T1. These telephone systems are typically supplied with a TAPI Driver (similar to a printer driver, except for telephone systems) which allows software to communicate with the telephone system via the LAN. So as long as the telephone system has a TAPI driver our answering service software will be able to link to it. For a full list of the systems we support please see the Features & Benefits page. In addition our software is compatible with many VOIP providers (see below).

VoIP - nCall supports snom phones to manage VoIP calls. These IP handsets allow nCall to communicate directly with the handset to receive information about incoming calls and to also issue commands to control the call. This means that instead of talking directly to your VoIP telephone system, nCall talks to the telephone to perform its integration. When choosing a VoIP supplier you will need a range of DID/DDI numbers in order to give each customer their own unique DID to forward their calls to. You also need to check the supplier uses the SIP protocol as this is used by the snom telephones.

Hardware and Scalability - nCall is fully scalable. It supports 3 operators or over 100 operators so your use of our telephone answering service software can grow as your business expands.nCall is a client server system. It requires very little processing power, so any modern PC should be sufficiently powerful to run both the operator stations and the server.

Remote Operators - Although most customers use nCall with office based staff, a number of customers do use remote operators. For this, the remote operator connects via VPN to the office network and then tells nCall to connect to the server in the office. Go to VOIP for details of how operators can use VOIP to answer calls remotely

How many calls per operators - Phone system dependent - nCall will show however many calls are queued on the handset associated to the operator

Undelivered messages - nCall lists all the calls taken for a client or contact with any unsent messages shown in bold to alert the operator these messages have not yet been sent. Each call can be opened to gain more information on why the message was not sent. This might be be because it is not yet the time to send the messages or there was a failure (in which case nCall will try to resend them an optional number of times).

Backups - nCall has a built in automatic back up system allowing to configure how often and what time of day backup(s) should occur. Each back up is the full database allowing very easy quick restoration should a back up ever be needed.

Invoicing - nCall prepares all the information for you to easily print the bill using a mail merge or to import into your accounts package to prepare the invoice for printing.

Faxing - nCall can use a email to fax provider service or fax server e.g. SnappyFax or GFi FaxMaker.

Texting - nCall uses the internet. Ether via a email to SMS provider or a dedicated SMS service, we currently support: 24x, Promptext, ClickaTell, AMD Telecom, 2SMS, Dynmark and TextMagic. nCall also supports sending text messages by your contact mobile provider if they have an email to SMS option.

nSolve - Click About us to learn about nSolve

Location - nSolve are based in the UK in Oxford near London.However, we support customers across the world. As installation and support is done over the internet, email and phone your location should not be an issue. As Dave Steward from Comtronics in the US comments Although we are based in the US, support is always available, despite the time difference. nSolve are always quick to respond to emails. For more testimonials from our customers throughout the world please visit Customer Testimonials

Demonstrations - Click Contact us to view a nCall demonstration

How to setup a TAS - There are a number of technical decisions to make when setting up a TAS, download our freely available guide on How to setup a TAS to help you make the right choice for your business model.