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We believe in presenting the evidence that supports the statements in our website. Therefore the following comments are taken from a few of our many clients throughout the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

"Before we discovered nCall, we had searched for several months, travelling and meeting prospective suppliers and we had not been able to find a call centre software program flexible enough to meet the needs of our business." -Rowan, Your Virtual Office, Australia

"After 13 years in the Answering Service business we switched to the nCall software and love it. I had looked for years for software that would not break the bank and that was user and customer friendly. FINALLY nCall was introduced to me, I loved it!" -Keith Mills, Temecula Answering Service, Temecula, CA. USA

"nCall offers a truly unique solution."

"We carried out extensive research into competitor solutions but were disappointed that we could not find anything that met our requirements. In fact, we were in the process of writing a specification to develop our own solution when we identified nCall." - Andrew, MyRuby, UK

"We were remodelling and replacing equipment and needed a new answering service/phone system to replace our antiquated equipment. To replace it with something similar to our existing system would have been cost prohibitive and the old system was a poor match to our requirements. We were just considering dropping our answering service software as we couldnt find a suitable new system when we found nCall! - Dave Steward, Comtronics, Jackson, USA

"We intended to write our own bespoke software solution as nothing we had looked at in the market place was anything like what we needed. Then we found nCall" - Alan, Yours Virtually (UK) Ltd, UK

"I would just like to say that I have found nCall to be brilliant. I searched for some time for software to do what I required and could not find anything that ticked all the right boxes. I was about to buy something that would have required a lot of modification when I found nCall. Thank Goodness!!" - Nicola, Smooth Office, UK

"nCall is the most user friendly telephone answering software available."

"This program is so user friendly compared to other call center software that I have evaluated." - Scott, Cross Country Fulfillment, Colorado, USA

"The main reason we chose nCall was its ease of use and user friendly interface. nSolve have put a lot of thought into the steps that are needed to process the calls in a very efficient manner.Tonya Sanborn, Advanced Messaging & Dispatch, Longview, WA, USA

"nCall is built for Windows, not a Linux/Unix system so moving around inside nCall is easy. We love the fact that we can create custom message forms for each customer. Each customer can also have their own billing scheme. Doing our invoices is now a breeze, not a chore. It used to take well over an hour to do our monthly billing. Now theyre done in minutes." - Dave Steward, Comtronics, Jackson, USA

"The system is simple to use, but very powerful in its reliability and deliverability of specific requirements. Specific client requirements can be programmed into the system not only on an organisational basis but an individual staff member basis. Some Clients like SMS messages, some only require email, others call connection only, and so it goes on. The complexities required by a personalised call centre are huge so an efficient software solution supported by top rate technical support is exceptional." - Rowan, Your Virtual Office, Australia

"The online demonstration quickly convinced us that the richness of features and functionality within the product was exactly what we required. The product is tailorable to meet the individual requirements we had, but also has a well thought-out standard configuration. Operators find the system easy and simple to use but powerful enough to ensure many tasks are taken care of in the background the temporary call actions feature being a typical example." - Andrew, MyRuby, UK

"I find the instant pop up when the phone rings invaluable, giving a slick professional service for my customers in answering their calls. I also find the instant messaging facility useful in that some information is pre-populated, making the taking of messages easy, the direct contact with the caller is more efficient and effective, but also more personal. My customers can divert their calls to me with the confidence that their calls are answered in a professional manner, with information that they provide us with given out in a timely manner. Changes can be made quickly and uniformly, so that instructions are passed through to all the operators instantly. This means that we can cope with emergency situations for our customers." - Teresa Plummer, EA Assist Ltd, UK

"My operators have found nCall easy to use" - Nicola, Smooth Office, UK

"I found the system very easy to learn and I was impressed at how, when a call came in, all the information needed to handle the call appeared on the screen. Everything from the names and contact numbers of the principals of the company and their availability, which calls need to be treated as priority through to the ease with which an operator can either record a messages or patch the calls through to a remote officer or mobile was very impressive.

This is a must for any company operating a remote answering service as it allows them to give a prompt professional response to calls on behalf of their clients. I have no hesitation in recommending this system to any company that need a facility such as nCall." - Rosemary, Ashfield Virtual Office Services, UK

"We would definitely recommend this simple yet feature rich call handling application" - Adrian, Acentrica, UK

"nCall is very easy to install and configure and it is so easy to train new staff."

"From the tech support to setting up the system it was so easy. It took us less than a week to have everyone trained on it and up and running." - Keith Mills, Temecula Answering Service, Temecula, CA. USA

"Thanks to the technical support offered by nSolve, we were able to get nCall up and running the same day. nSolve walked us through set up of all the main features of nCall, including setting up and maintaining the database, the online message retrieval site, the message center and the call processor. They made it virtually effortless for us to be up and running in one afternoon!" -Tonya Sanborn, Advanced Messaging & Dispatch, Longview, WA, USA

"With nSolves help, we were able to install nCall on our new phone systems server. Its installation was very easy and fast. Minutes, not hours! The time it took to learn how to use it was extremely fast, and it is so easy. Much easier than what we were used to." - Dave Steward, Comtronics, Jackson, US

"We bought it and installed it all remotely - anybody with good basic IT skills can install, run and maintain it." - Alan, Yours Virtually (UK) Ltd, UK

"nCall is without a doubt a very, very good product. It has been a pleasure to work with. It is most things software should be but usually isnt! It installs and loads quickly, it doesnt appear to have many vices and has obviously been well engineered. The user interface is superb, my client is well pleased!" Jon Bond, PABX Engineer, Gen-i Communications, New Zealand

"The product has a well thought-out standard configuration, but is also highly tailorable to meet the individual requirements we had..." - Andrew, MyRuby, UK

"After 8 successful years in the Answer Service business I wanted a complete system to meet my requirements to ensure I did not have to over train my staff. nCall is extremely user friendly, very efficient and has taken our staff training from six weeks to two. The savings in this alone will make a marked difference to the company bottom line"- Justine, Amundson & Amundson, New Zealand

"The Customer Service and Support from the nCall team is exemplary"

"Customer service is spectacular, technical support is very responsive and I even communicate to them via Instant Messenger!" - Scott, Cross Country Fulfillment, Colorado, USA

"Although were based in the US, support is always available, despite the time difference. nSolve are always quick to respond to emails." - Dave Steward, Comtronics, Jackson, USA

"We are a 24/7 - 365 live answering service and the NCall software has helped us to be successful at what we do. They have always been helpful throughout the entire process and always willing to listen to the needs of our growth and expansion." -Scott Dahlquist, Advanced Messaging & Dispatch, Longview, WA, USA

"The best part is we were using one of the biggest answering service software makers out there and they wanted over $50,000 USD more for the same type of system and you dont get the type of support, updates, that you get with ncall. I never once got a phone call, email from our old answering service software, with nCall David was always there!"Keith Mills, Temecula Answering Service, Temecula, CA. USA

"The nSolve team is attentive, professional and exceptional in their knowledge of what our business is trying to achieve. Any programming issue or fine-tuning we have asked for has been met with a positive can do attitude, solved quickly without fuss. At one point, the nCall team called me with a solution, before I had even spotted the potential problem! Even with the time zone differences everything has been trouble free. I cannot recommend the software & service high enough" - Rowan, Your Virtual Office, Australia

"The support offered is as responsive as any we have experienced and there are regular updates to provide enhanced features and accommodate changes in any third party applications you might be linking to - for example phone systems or text gateways." - Andrew, MyRuby, UK>

"The support has been excellent. David and his team are always ready to listen when I have queries and they are quick to respond to any bugs or new requests." - Nicola, Smooth Office, UK

"The customer service is fantastic! There have been quite a number of times that the nSolve guys would be on the phone with me teaching me how to use the solution to better service my company. They have even customized specific functions to accommodate my growing business. I am very thankful for the care that the programmers have put into such a fine product." - Sam Hershkowitz, New York, USA

"Although nCall had many of the features I was looking for, Davids team added some items that were pertinent to my style of personalised Answer Service, special forms, editing and multiple deliveries of messages. Anytime I have a question or problem, their prompt attention to fixing or providing a solution gives me confidence to recommend the nCall solution to any prospect thinking to upgrade or start their Answer Service. I truly feel that nSolve is a part of my A & A team." - Justine, Amundson & Amundson, New Zealand

"Our confidence in nCall has grown a great deal over the past year and much of this is down to the superb, never ending support we have received from nSolve." - Adrian, Acentrica, UK

"The added bonus of working closely with the nCall team is that we have the ability to evolve the software as our business grows, ensuring we are always able to provide our clients with the professional service they expect from us." - Helen, HJC Services, UK

"nCall is perfect for new startups, experienced Telephone Answering Services, and mission critical applications."

"We replaced our previous software approx. 8 months ago with nCall after an exhaustive worldwide search for suitable software. To put this into perspective, we operate a 24x7 service and our calls vary from Emergency Calls to dispatch Fire Brigades to taking bookings for trades people & everything else in-between!" - Rowan, Your Virtual Office, Australia

"We would ABSOLUTELY recommend nCall to anyone who is looking at starting up, upgrading, or looking for answering service software that easily integrates with your telephone system!" -Tonya Sanborn, Advanced Messaging & Dispatch, Longview, WA, USA

"nCall is the perfect solution to start up our new Telephone Answering Service. Since we opened our call center, we love it, its user friendly and its very easy to train new employees. In fact, since we started, weve won so much business that it makes sense to double the number of operators! " - Sam Hershkowitz, New York, USA

"I run a Virtual PA Service in the UK, and I have found that using the nCall software has completely changed the services we can now offer. The system has been robust, with no technical glitches in operation. We have been using the software for at least 2 years now, it was easy to set up, has superb technical support and I would not hesitate in recommending it to other business owners." - Teresa Plummer, EA Assist Ltd, UK

The Bottom Line

"We have bought several more licences since our initial purchase, and its now a core part of our business." - Alan, Yours Virtually Ltd, UK

"What a difference to the operators role in the Call Centre - they can now truly focus on the caller. The speed of message handling and delivery is up 300%, and the error count is almost nil. Our productivity has increased amazingly and I look forward to completing statistics to put a financial figure on this." - Justine, Amundson & Amundson, New Zealand

"If we had not found nCall, we would have most likely dropped our answering service business. Thank you so much for your fine software!" - Dave Steward, Comtronics, Jackson, USA