How To Start A Telephone Answering Service (TAS)

Thinking of starting a telephone answering service business?

Embarking on the journey of establishing a new answering service business is an exhilarating endeavor. However, navigating this path with a limited budget presents unique challenges. Recognizing the need for guidance in this booming industry, we developed a complimentary guide titled “How to Set Up a Telephone Answering Service.” This guide concentrates on the fundamental technical requisites essential for launching your venture. It not only details the vital equipment but also elucidates the process of integrating these tools with your answering service software, specifically tailored for nCall.

Priced for startups to grow, as well as existing businesses

Throughout the two decades, nSolve has been instrumental in supporting numerous startup ventures globally, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to thrive. Recognizing the financial constraints often faced by startups, we now offer nCall on a rental basis with a special Startup pricing allowing you to start with one operator rental licence and grow from there. This pricing model is designed to be economically feasible, requiring no long-term contractual commitments. As a result, nCall positions itself as the most cost-effective, professional-grade software solution for emerging answering services, ensuring a robust foundation for your business’s growth and success. Telephone answering service operators There are a number of technical decisions to make when you start up an answering service or virtual reception business, so to help you make the right choices, we go over the following areas in the guide:
  • Choosing telephone lines
  • Providing telephone numbers (DID/DDIs)
  • Choosing a telephone system and handsets
  • Internet and router requirements
  • Email and SMS accounts
  • Setting up operators
  • Call-handling software
  • Necessary PC requirements

How can nCall help my new answering service business?

How nCall can help a new answering service business
nCall doesn’t just give you an easy-to-use computer interface to let you answer and transfer calls – it’s much more than that! Key features:
  • Client information and greeting ‘pops’ on screen as the phone rings
  • CRM – manage your client’s important data within nCall
  • Define each contact’s call and message preferences
  • Send messages via email, SMS, fax, page and more
  • Automatic logging of calls and messages
  • Create any number of billing schemes
  • Run end of week/month reports to invoice your clients
  • Assign tasks and reminders to your staff
  • and much more
All of this enables you to focus on the most important thing: the caller.

What do you need to get started with nCall?

  • Hosted VoIP PBX
  • nSolve Buzz softphone or compatible VoIP handset
  • Windows PC or laptop
  • Headset (compatible with your PC/phone)
  • Windows Server – on premise or hosted (for 3+ operators)

Setup and installation

The nSolve team will also help install and configure nCall for you, and provide full training services – all for a reasonable one-off fee. We can have you up and running quickly, and conduct all the necessary tests to ensure your calls are coming through, and your messages are sending correctly. Furthermore, all new features and updates are included in the rental price!

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A full and comprehensive description of nCall, our call handling software for telephone answering services and virtual receptionists, is available here: You might also be interested in some of our blog posts to help new or young telephone answering service businesses: Get in touch, and we’ll send you a 40-minute video demonstration of nCall, along with our full price list.