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nCall Overview Tour 1. Screenshot 2. Full telephone integration 3. User friendly interface 4. Call list 5. Automatic message delivery 6. Message delivery options 7. Message taking forms 8. Custom message forms 9. Custom form designer 10. Reminder system 11. Call statistics 12. Billing reports 13. Mobile app 14. API interface 15. Learn more Features & Benefits Technical Clients / Testimonials FAQ Case studies Free PDF download "Setting up a TAS" nCall Demonstration

nCall Software Case Studies

Purple Haze Case Study

We didn't need a lot of support at all. Once you've been shown once, it all makes sense. nCall is a fairly easy to navigate system and the guys at nSolve have been brilliant. They are really, really helpful.
Tracey Hayes, Director, Purple Haze VA Ltd

Download to read the full story: Purple Haze & nCall Case Study.pdf

Messagemail Case Study

If we had stuck with the old system, we would not have been able to grow our business as fast and efficiently as we are now.
Tara Vorster, Messagemail Account Manager

Read more: Messagemail & nCall Case Study.pdf

Best Reception Case Study

Our operators are able to wrap up calls far quicker, enabling us to take on more clients and offer other secretarial services. Client information is instantly available enabling us to answer calls on their behalf more efficiently whilst maintaining our high levels of customer service.
Andy McKenna, Director, Best Reception Ltd

Learn further about Best Reception’s experience with nCall: Best Reception & nCall Case Study.pdf

Comcepts LLC Case Study

The same number of operators can complete a greater number of calls in a given time with the nCall system, which translates into happier callers, pleased clients and a more prosperous bottom line for Comcepts.
Samantha Walley, President of Comcepts, LLC

As noted in Comcepts & nCall case study.pdf