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How to improve call management in your answering service

The easiest way to improve call management is through purpose-built software; it will provide all the necessary tools to alleviate the stress involved with answering the phone.

You can have well-trained and capable operators, but if they’re forced to fumble through various computer programs to find client information, then you’re not giving them the right environment to succeed.

Dedicated answering service software can be integrated with your phone system resulting in incoming calls ‘popping‘ on screen. If the call is for Client X, then Client X’s information and greeting will appear on screen before you even answer the call.

Call ‘popping’ is vital to running a successful virtual reception or telephone answering service (TAS), allowing operators to be relaxed when answering a call.

Nothing should be left to surprise!

So you’ve just shaved off a few vital seconds searching for details about your client, how else can you improve call management?

Well a call can go any number of different ways: it might result in a blind transfer, it might result in a message, it might result in an order, it might even result in a complaint. It can be difficult to juggle Outlook, Chrome, Word etc. all at once, trying not to miss any vital details from the caller. If you had all of these tools located in one software package you could truly focus on the caller.

Software suites like nCall allow you to pre-program the call flow – e.g. transfer to contact X, if busy, transfer to contact Y, if that fails, take message with contact form Z.

Taking messages is the next piece of the call management puzzle. Efficient message taking can streamline your service and eliminate silly mistakes.

Answering service software allows you to consolidate your email, SMS, pager and fax services into one place so that the message taker only needs to concentrate on the content, rather than the delivery.

The final key benefit to using dedicated call-handling software is the reassurance that calls and messages are automatically documented. Once you transfer the call or process the message, the job is done and on to the next caller!

If you’re struggling to keep up with new clients, or if your agents are having to juggle various different programs, then you should make the biggest change to your call management process and invest in answering service software.

If you have any questions or need any further advise on how to improve call management, simply get in touch with the friendly nSolve team.

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