Starting a new answering service with nCall

New answering service business owner in front of office

Starting a new answering service is an exciting process, but when working with a tight budget difficult decisions need to be made. That’s why we at nSolve have taken a big step towards making our call handling software nCall as accessible as possible to startup businesses.

Over the past 15 years nSolve has helped dozens of startups all over the world get up and running, and now we have made nCall available to rent at a low monthly cost (and with no long term contracts), making it the the best-value professional software package available for new answering services.

How can nCall help my new answering service business?

nCall doesn’t just give you an easy-to-use computer interface to let you answer and transfer calls – it’s much more than that!

Key features:

  • Client information and greeting ‘pops’ on screen as the phone rings
  • CRM – manage your client’s important data within nCall
  • Define each contact’s call and message preferences
  • Send messages via email, SMS, fax, page and more
  • Automatic logging of calls and messages
  • Create any number of billing schemes
  • Run end of week/month reports to invoice your clients
  • Assign tasks and reminders to your staff
  • and much more

All of this enables you to focus on the most important thing: the caller.

The nSolve team will also help install and configure nCall for you, and provide full training services – all for a reasonable one-off fee. We can have you up an running quickly, and conduct all the necessary tests to ensure your calls are coming through, and your messages are sending correctly. Furthermore, all new features and updates are included in the rental price!

What do you need to get started with nCall?

  • Hosted VoIP PBX
  • Compatible VoIP handsets (contact us for list of compatible phones)
  • Windows PC or laptop
  • Headset (compatible with your phone)
  • Windows Server – on premise or hosted (for 3+ operators)

Have any doubts? Get in touch and we’ll send you a 40 minute video demonstration of nCall, along with our full price list.

Want to give your clients the absolute best service?

nCall has a ready-to-go web portal module (also available to rent), that enables your clients to login via a web browser to check their messages, update their availability and check their current account status. Find out more here.

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