MyTAS Smartphone App


MyTAS is a smart phone app that can send messages directly to your contacts with no per-message cost. Messages sent to the app can be tracked, so you quickly see if the message has been successfully delivered to the smart phone, and if it has been read.

Additionally, MyTAS allows your clients to quickly update their availability without having to contact your operators. For example, contacts can update their status to ‘busy, in a meeting’ – this would immediately update nCall and it’s users, and apply a temporary call action. Because this is done automatically without any correspondence with your operators, it will save you valuable time and effort.

MyTAS will take your answering service to the next level of professionalism and reliability.

The MyTAS app can also be fully branded – this includes:

  • App name and icon of your choice
  • Simplified login process for your clients
  • Android and Apple App Store listings
  • No reference to nSolve
  • App styling can match your branding
  • Full featured and updated alongside the unbranded MyTAS app

This all comes with an additional cost, but is a fraction of the cost of developing your own smart phone application.

Get in touch to find out more about MyTAS.

MyTAS smartphone app screenshot MyTAS smartphone app screenshot

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