nCall Online

nCall Online

nCall Online allows your contacts to access their call history and messages via an easy to use web portal. Each contact will have their own login credentials and will be able to view their complete call history, or simply filter down to the latest calls.

When a user is logged in to nCall Online, they may also update their availability (e.g. I’m at a lunch meeting) based on various pre-set statuses. Temporary call actions within nCall can be set to activate when a contact updates their status using nCall Online.

The web portal can be branded for your answering service and linked to from your website to provide a seamless user journey for your clients. You can customise:

  • The logo displayed on the login page
  • The ‘welcome’ message (e.g. ‘Welcome to Best Jude’s Answering’)
  • The top left image displayed on every page

To ensure security of your system and your clients data, nCall Online supports HTTPS. For HTTPS, you’ll require a SSL certificate for the public IP of the server that nCall Online will be hosted on. (This SSL certificate and its private key needs to be in .pem format.)

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