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nSolve Buzz softphone support added.

Via the nSolve Buzz softphone your operators can have a seamless VoIP experience.

nCall adds new search powerful feature.

With the new search feature your operators can quickly search across clients, contacts and calls with ease

nCall adds MDChat support.

MDChat secure HIPPA messaging has been added to nCall.

nCall adds Plivio and Twilio support.

Plivio and Twilio SMS messaging added to nCall.

nCall suite updated

nCall adds pingmd support.

pingmd HIPAA secure messaging added to nCall.

Simple Easier using nCall now.

Simple Easier recently installed nCall. With a big thanks to Mondotalk who quickly had their hosted VoIP solution configured to work seamlessly with nCall

nCall in the continent of Africa.

Phendula ICS from South Africa are using nCall for their TAS business.

Secure messaging added.

Secure messaging via TigerText was recently added. Deliver your patient critical messages via a HIPAA approved means.

The Office Genie, went live with nCall at the start of the year.

A huge thanks to you all for your help and support as we moved over to nCall. Other than a few minor glitches (which were way less than expected) things went fairly smoothly

The Office Genie

nSolve grows again

We are delighted to welcome Leo Fazzi to the nSolve team. Leo has joined us as a nCall Support Engineer. Leo has over 15 years of experience in IT Support and has been contributing to the enhancement of nCall since 2008.

Comcepts case study now available

Comcepts, is a US based answering service serving physicians and their practices nationwide since 2004. Samantha Walley, President of Comcepts, LLC , wrote this case study describing why they selected nCall, their experiences of implementing the system and the bottom line benefits it has brought her business.

Download the PDF from our Case Studies page

Telegraz report nCall is "working like a charm".

Telegraz Group have offices in Armenia and the USA. In May 2011 they implemented nCall to support their new Answering Service division.

We were looking at expanding our business and adding a new segment to our BPO space of Inbound Customer Services, Telemarketing, Translation Services, Datamining etc. We decided to target the Answering Services sector. The more we looked into Answering Services, the more we realized that there is a lot to take care of, especially when we wanted all the major requirements to be integrated.

We already had a solution for our call center division and we were quite happy with it. However, we decided we needed something new for our answering service. We were looking for a solution which is scalable, flexible, can work individually and can be customized as per requirements. After doing extensive market research, cost and requirement analysis, we decided to go ahead with nSolve.

nSolve created a custom solution for us, which would work with our current call center system. In May 2011 nSolve delivered what we wanted. Its been a couple of months now and its working like a charm.

If you would like to know more about our experiences with the nCall Answering Service Solution we have taken from nSolve, or wish to have details about our services, simply visit www.telegraz.com or visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/telegraz

US based LAZ Parking drive forward with nCall.

Regional Vice President Todd Lawson says, "We are finding great value in the product".

The national parking company selected the nCall Answering Service System in February 2011. Todd adds that "we look forward to tapping in to even more of its options as we move forward." LAZ Parking specializes in the management, leasing, ownership and development of parking facilities. They currently operate in twenty one states. We are delighted to add LAZ to nCalls growing international customer base. For more information about LAZ Parking please visit www.lazparking.com.

The nCall software is continually enhanced to reflect individual customer’s requests and suggestions.

The latest nCall upgrade was made available to its global customer base in May 2011. New features include, the ability to output call logs during the billing process.

This is available to our customers via the Customer Download webpage.

In February 2011, nSolve released the latest version of their world leading Answering Service Software. This is available to our customers via the Customer Download webpage.

The nCall software is continually enhanced to reflect individual customer requests and suggestions.

This new version incorporates a number of useful new features. These include:

  • The ability to pop client details based on client name (this is in adddition to a range of existing pop triggers)
  • A stacked report or running total of all messages for a particular client received that day
  • Improved Fonality browser capabilities (nCall integrates to a wide range of telephone systems)
  • Improved Custom Form formatting feature

Answer Live For Me, based in Maine, United States, went live with nCall in December 2010.

Answer Mes David Thompson tells us "The Operators LOVE your software; they are mastering it very quickly.Thanks for a great product."

nCall enables Lorelle and her team at Isle of Wight based UK Answer to offer 110% service on behalf of their clients.

Prior to purchasing nCall, UK Answer used a spreadsheet based solution for their answering service. But as their business grew this basic system became unmanageable. To maintain their high levels of customer service they switched to nCall.

Lorelle tells us nCall is "the blessing of our business".

Best Reception Case Study available.

This case study details why Best Reception chose nCall, their experiences of implementing the system and the business benefits that they have experienced since they went live.

Download the PDF from our Case Studies page

The August release of nCall version 2.18 is now available via our Customer Download web page. This includes a great new Caller History Feature.

When a new call comes through the Caller History Feature will display all other recent calls made from that telephone number. It will tell the operator the caller’s name, if known, when the call was taken by which operator and how it was dealt with, eg. transferred, message taken etc.

Our customers are very excited about this new feature and think it will be a really helpful addition to nCall’s feature rich software solution. It will give the operator useful background data enabling them to answer the call in an informed manner.

This new version includes enhanced Billing Features and can be accessed via our customer download webpage.

nCall version 2.17 includes facilities for adding extra billable items to your Answering Service Billing Schemes, eg. using your office’s mailing address or typing services.

You can now also charge for messages sent by pager.

Data Central in Mississippi are now up and running with nCall. Welcome to Margaret and her team.

Data Central have been in business over 30 years. Their Answering Service offers a month to month service with 1 month free, no contracts to sign and a single flat fee with no call limit.

Margaret comments "I really liked the way nCall looked so easy - point and click. And also, the affordable price. Not to mention the multi-functions of the program."

Contact Data Central on 662-287-8116 or email datacentral@e1w.com to take advantage of their offer.

We are pleased to welcome Andy and his team at Best Reception, based in Hertford, United Kingdom.

Andy has recently implemented nCall at his Virtual Reception business. nCall will help Best Reception to provide a Professional, Tailored and Flexible solution to their customers.

A new version of nCall is now available to our customers via our customer download webpage.

This new release of nCall includes a number of new features, most notably:

  • New Paging option for getting messages to your customers
  • Share an individual contact across a number of customer businesses
  • An overview of the different message actions used by your customers
  • Integration with SnappyFax Fax Server software.
  • Plus many more minor additions and features

We are delighted to announce that Joan Fowler from Assure Answer is now using nCall at her Answering Service in Ontario.

With nCall’s help, Assure Answer’s professional operators provide a superior service on behalf of all their customers. Calls are answered promptly, with a customized greeting and then messages dispatched immediately.

Joan comments

"I would just like to say that I have never dealt with such a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable company as nSolve. They took the time to help me start up my own answering service company. They went above and beyond my expectations with regards to everything, especially customer support and service.ÿ They effortlessly dealt with the programming of my phones and computer and for that I am grateful.

Although we have only been using nCall for just over a month, they are such a pleasure to work with and I would recommend this software to everyone without hesitation. I would just also like to say to David and his team, you are the greatest with the time difference you were always there when I needed a hand. Thanks so much."

Welcome to Keith at Temecula Answering Service from California USA.

Temecula are a long established answering service. They have been in business for 13 years and previously used one of the more well known answering service software packages. After many years of searching for something affordable and more user friendly to replace their existing system, they upgraded to nCall.

They report that they got everyone up and running in days and are very impressed with the customer service provided by nSolve, particularly after their experiences with their previous supplier.

As Keith puts it "we switched to the nCall software and love it."

For Keiths full testimonial go to Keith Mills, Temecula Answering Service

Welcome to Ann at Collins Administration our second customer from Ireland

Thanks go to Mick at Fixaphone who handled the supply and installation of nCall together with a new Nortel BCM telephone system at Collins Administration.

A big welcome to Lisa from LM Virtual Office our first customer from Ireland

We wish you luck with your Virtual Office business.

Numerous small tweaks.

An update release to add and fix a few minor issues:

  • Added ability to change message taking font size (ID:318)
  • Added ability to copy and paste into SMS Summary notes (ID:322)
  • Added ability to use canned messages in the SMS Summary field (ID:324)
  • Tweak: minor changes for increased Vista compatibility
  • Fix: Billing output omitted last digit of telephone numbers/Acc Code (ID:329)
  • Fix: Notes editor saving. (ID:315)

Available for download from the usual places.

nSolve is celebrating 10 years in business.

Since focussing on our nCall Answering Service software, nSolve has gone from strength to strength. The past year has seen nCall customers double in number and we have ambitious plans to further double that number in the next 12 months.

Major additions are pop on multi-DDI/DID per client, native Altigen telephone system support and many minor tweaks and fixes.

Available from the download area.

nSolve are delighted to welcome Paul to their development team.

We are pleased to have another very experienced developer join our team here at nSolve. Paul has many years development experience and shares our ’gets things done!’ ethos.

New: VIP/Ignore highlighting, Time-zone support

  • Added VIP/Ignore List colour coding (ID:287)
  • Added Time Zone support (ID:288)
  • Added Contact Voicemail telephone field (ID:290)
  • Added User ID list in User manager display (ID:285)
  • Added memory to Descriptionin Temp CA dialog (ID:284)
  • Tweaked: Increased time/date fields for longer US date formats (ID:280)
  • Tweaked: DDI/DID quarantine - allow 0 day entry.(ID:283)
  • Fixed: Prevent user closing DDI/DID quarantine dialog.(ID:283)
  • Fixed: Web forms no longer trigger menu short-cuts (ID:158)

This version requires a database update

Added speed dial display formats, address tweaks, sortable callsheet items

Full changes

  • Added Speed dial display formats (ID:263)
  • Added keyboard short-cuts to default message taking form (ID:264)
  • Added ability to override the default custom form field delimiter (ID267)
  • Added address field overrides (ID:266)
  • Added ability to sort the callsheet items (ID:269)
  • Added automatic download of database upload scripts (ID:268)
  • Added optional country fields to address (ID:265)
  • Tweak - After editing a list item, scroll it back into view (ID:262)
  • Fixed - Call manager doesn’t respond to IP Office outgoing Offering event (ID:261)

Download from the Releases page.

Added DDI/DID quarantine period, changes to delivery lists and reminders and other minor tweaks.

Available from the download area.

Major additions are pop on multi-DDI/DID per client, native Altigen telephone system support and many minor tweaks and fixes.

Available from the download area.