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nCall Overview Tour 1. Screenshot 2. Full telephone integration 3. User friendly interface 4. Call list 5. Automatic message delivery 6. Message delivery options 7. Message taking forms 8. Custom message forms 9. Custom form designer 10. Reminder system 11. Call statistics 12. Billing reports 13. Mobile app 14. API interface 15. Learn more Features & Benefits Technical Clients / Testimonials FAQ Case studies Free PDF download "Setting up a TAS" nCall Demonstration

nCall - Inbound Call Center Software

nCall is one of the top global players for software to Inbound Call Centers businesses of all sizes.

"What a difference to the operators’ role in the Call Centre - they can now truly focus on the caller. The speed of message handling and delivery is up 300%, and the error count is almost nil. Our productivity has increased amazingly and I look forward to completing statistics to put a financial figure on this." - Justine, Amundson & Amundson, New Zealand

"This program is so user friendly compared to other call center software that I have evaluated." - Scott, Cross Country Fulfillment, Colorado, USA

We know that your Inbound Call Centers clients require a professional response and our customer support services are second to none to help your business succeed.

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