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nCall Features and Benefits

Simple for your operators to use:

  • Configurable call actions let your clients specify how your operators should handle their calls i.e. patched through, relayed or a message taken.
  • New operators can be answering calls with only 15 minutes of training.
  • Temporary call actions allow your clients to tell you their future availability, e.g. in a meeting 2-4pm, so your operators perform the right action during that period.
  • Fully customizable forms can be created to record the information required by your clients.

Flexible system that will grow with your company:

  • Support for any number of client companies.
  • Support for any number of contacts within each client company.
  • Powerful database technology to support 50+ operators.

Integrates with your telephone system:

  • nCall automatically popsrelevant client details to operator when the phone rings.
  • The operator can answer, call out, perform patch calls all within nCall.
  • Integrates with many hosted VOIP telecoms providers including:
    • 3CX - requires snom handsets
    • Mondotalk - requires snom handsets
    • Gradwell - requires snom handsets
    • 8x8 - requires snom handsets
  • Integrates with most TAPI phone systems, including:
    • 3Com
    • Asterisk - requires snom handsets
    • AlcatelOmniPCX
    • Altigen
    • Avaya IP Office
    • Mitel - though some versions have TAPI issues
    • Network Alchemy
    • Nortel
    • Panasonic KX-TDA
    • Siemens HiPath
    • ShoreTel
    • snom IP handsets (e.g. 710, 720)
    • Splicecom
    • Tadiran
    • Televantage
    • Toshiba
    • Zultys
    • Other TAPI based phone system should work - we are happy to test

Quickly and easily generate the data for your invoices:

  • Support for any number of billing schemes.
  • Records call history for billing and data analysis, both for you and the client.
  • Flexible billing allowing you to charge for extra services.
  • More than 80 attributes of billing related information quickly available per client.

Save operator time with nCall’s powerful and automatic message handling:

  • nCall automatically sends messages.
  • Messages can be transferred via email, SMS, Pager and fax.
  • Messages can be transferred immediately or at specific times of the day.
  • Customers can retrieve their recent messages via an email interface.
  • Secure messaging for HIPAA via TigerText and pingmd.
  • Integrates with many SMS providers, including:
    • Any provider with an email-to-SMS option
    • Email to cell phone provider option
    • 24x
    • 2SMS
    • ClickaTell
    • AMD Telecom
    • Dynmark
    • GFI Faxmaker Service
    • Plivo
    • PrompText
    • SMS Eagle
    • Text Magic
    • Twilio

Numerous features dedicated to call answering services:

  • Integrated spell checker and thesaurus.
  • Customers can define in-bound VIP and ignore number lists.
  • Customers can retrieve their own messages via a brandable web interface.
  • And much much more.

The bottom line - handle many more Clients with the same number of Operators.