Woman holding smartphone

5 benefits to answering services offering a smartphone app

Here are 5 not-so-obvious benefits for telephone answering services who offer a smartphone app:

1) Push notifications

Whilst emails and text messages are an easy way to deliver messages to your clients on the go, they may not always pay attention to each beep, bop or vibration coming from their pocket. It’s quite easy to rack up dozens of marketing messages in a day, so discerning which alert is important can be a chore. With app-specific push notifications, your clients can see when they get a message from your answering service and immediately recognise it’s probably more important than a cold sales email.

2) Brand awareness

If you have a branded app then you are constantly getting your brand exposed to new people/potential customers. Each new client and contact who downloads your app will get accustomed to your branding, and possibly expose it to their family and friends. Phone screen real-estate is a big deal, and users are also more likely to keep messaging apps on their front screen.

3) Hard to replace

Nobody likes change. If your clients become accustomed to your app and how it functions, they’ll be reluctant to change service. Keep adding ‘tick‘s to your list of features and you’ll be harder and harder to replace. (It’s the reason I still use an iPhone despite my better judgement… Apple know what they’re doing!)

4) Save administration time

How much valuable time is wasted altering your clients’ availability and message-taking preferences based on their current whereabouts? Make it simple – let them update their own availability with a few finger taps, and save yourself a 5 minute phone call and the resulting administration.

5) Make a profit

You might think that offering an app is going to be a costly endeavour, and you’re correct. There’s no cheap way to do it (though, we think our MyTAS app is pretty affordable!), but you can start to make a return by billing your clients who want to use it. Charging a nominal fee per contact (e.g. £2-3 per month) is a smart way to start recouping money spent on your app, without giving your clients a reason not to use it.


There are many more reasons to provide a smartphone app to your clients, and we’d be happy to share them with you. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about nCall and its integrated smartphone application MyTAS.